Rachel Bryk

So, how disgusting is it that news blogs are cashing in on someone’s suicide? I’ve been seeing a lot of clickbait to news blogs with a headline that reads something along the lines of “Trans Woman Game Developer Cyber-Bullyed into Jumping Off a Bridge”.

Thanks to the current state of social media and scandals like GamerGate, there are three hot topics that are bound to draw attention: Female game developers, transgender people, and online harassment. The reactions I’ve been seeing are very telling: Suckers get riled up because they see only what they want to see and pass it along to others without thoroughly reading the story.
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Edith Keeler

I’ve come up with a new way to describe depression. It’s like those time travel stories where someone goes back in time and prevents someone from getting killed; only to learn that history needed the person they saved to die in order to prevent a worse fate. And you’re that guy that should have died.
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The Only Shame is to Have None

I really hate to blame the victim…but I never let that stop me.

Of course, if someone is preyed upon, the true villain is the person doing the preying. I’m not saying, “Well, what was she wearing?” here. Calm down; I’m not a monster. What I’m saying here is “Make a fool of me once, shame on you. Make a fool of me twice, shame on me.” There’s a growing resistance the latter part of that idea. And the key word, I think, is shame.

Social media is the battleground for a war on shame (among other things). Now, shame isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s built into our biological wiring; like pride or jealousy. It feels bad, but much in the same way that pain alerts us of injury. Shame is a social device that alerts us that our behavior may be unhealthy to ourselves or others.
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So… Robin Williams.

I’m one of the many millions of people on the entire surface of the Earth that feels his loss. But I do find that in the wake of his death, I’m able to talk with more people openly about depression. I can talk about how it feels and how it works without coming out and turning focus to me. People are so caught up in Williams’ celebrity that no one’s asked yet, “How do you know so much about this stuff?”

The first thing that seems to confuse people about depression–especially Robin Williams’–is how he could feel so sad. He was blessed with talent, money, fame, adoration… How could someone with so much not be happy?
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Aged Whine

All my life, I’ve lived among the geek community–the geekosystem, to be cute. My peers range from greyed, middle-aged folks (many bearding or balding) to budding teenagers, with new generations entering the fold each year.

As this age range broadens, so does the generation gap, and it’s becoming a point of disconnection between many of my friends. The older members will often become annoyed and dismissive of the younger crowd. Meanwhile, the younger members meet with frustration when they reach too far in believing they share through osmosis the same maturity as their elders.
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That’s Not Funny

This week, someone made headlines for making an insensitive joke. Neither the joke nor their name are especially important; nor is the time you’re reading this post. Check your news feed and you’ll find it’s true. Equally reliable is the online reaction to that headline; mostly involving parroted buzzwords and chasing comedians into burning windmills.

When the comedian appropriately replies to their response with The Finger, the accusers then take the defensive stance. “No, we’re not trying to take your humor away. It’s just that humor should be used to fight back against the oppressors, not further exploit the oppressed.” This almost sounds like a good idea. Some of the most satisfying comedy I’ve experienced has involved knocking the high and mighty down a peg. When The Man is keeping you down, you may not have the power to hurt them, but you can humiliate them.
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Bumper Cars

There was a traffic accident on my way to work today…and I almost became part of it!

I was stopped, third in line, at an intersection. I didn’t know it at the time, but about 40ft after the intersection, there had been a pretty serious collision. When our light turned green, the first car in our lane continued onward, but the car just in front of me started to gently roll backward.

At first, I looked around in case she was making room for a paramedic, but she was already too far away from the intersection to block it. After that, I realized that she was still rolling back toward me. There was another car close behind me, so I couldn’t also back up. I waited for her to get a couple inches away before giving her a honk…but it was too late. She tapped my bumper. A love tap, really… There was almost a smooching sound as my car kissed the ass of hers.

She immediately waved at me–either to apologize for being absent-minded or wondering why I didn’t also back up for her–then shifted forward through the intersection. No damage to the car or me. A part of her rear bumper appeared to be popped loose, but I can’t remember if it was like that before she backed into me.

Just the daily perils of my morning commute.

The Hatman in the Morning Text Adventure

Yeah… Gonna give this blog thing another go. I’m paying for this domain and hosting, so I outta use the most of it, right?

Posts here will likely be a lot less dreary and personal as they’ve been in the past; for a number of reasons. One of the better ones is that I’m genuinely much happier since I got married. Sounds corny, I know, but whatever. It’s working. The usual stress and bitterness hasn’t gone away, but at least now I’m not defeated by it.

This blog will probably serve as an accessory to the podcasts I do (whenever I get around to doing them). This will hopefully help flesh out ideas that I either didn’t articulate as well in a podcast or would like to refine a bit more before I bring it up on the mic. Or it may allow me to cover a topic when I just don’t have time to record while I’m thinking about it.

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